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Subprime Felon: Inside Federal Prison Camp

From College Student to Real Estate Investor to Convicted Felon.

Pyerse Dandridge thought he was on the way up. After earning his BA in English from Sacramento State University, he was paying his daily expenses by toiling in a restaurant while working on his novel. But his purchase of five houses with faulty subprime loans cost him his freedom. After the houses were lost to foreclosure, Pyerse was prosecuted by the federal government for loan fraud and sentenced to 17 months in Herlong Federal Prison Camp, near the California-Nevada border.

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Here's whats inside the book:

This book recounts Pyerse’s experience inside Herlong and at the halfway house where he was sent to readjust to society. To successfully restart his life, he first had to survive the pettiness, dehumanization, and psychological bondage of the prison camp. Then he had to overcome his own personal emotional challenges, and somehow use the exclusion from family and friends to his advantage.Though prison camp is considered to be easy prison time, any wrong move could result in his transfer to a much harsher prison and the extension of his sentence”" either of which could scar him for life.

Here's what other readers thought:

By Twalea A Randolph

This book is an insight memoir that gives the reader a glimpse of a world known only to a subset of the population. While reading the book, I got the feel of "Orange is the New Black". This story would make a great sitcom.

By K. S.

I have just finished reading the book Subprime Felon: Inside Federal Prison Camp by Pyerse Dandridge, and I have to tell you, my first thought was, “wow.” 

I want to start my review by stating I’m a university professor at California State University in Sacramento, which is where Pyerse received his bachelors degree in English.

Although I never had the opportunity to meet Pyerse while he was a student, I will be asking him to visit my classes as a guest speaker because of how impressed I was with his book.

Pyerse’s story of being incarcerated at a federal prison camp has captured the heart and soul of what it’s like to be a prisoner, however, Pyerse wasn’t your “typical” violent prisoner with a long criminal history, which was one of the reasons I was looking forward to reading his book with anticipation.
Pyerse’s book is written from the first-person perspective, which gives the reader an opportunity to join him on his federal prison journey, from day one to his time of reintegration to society. 

The way Pyerse wrote his book was like a “soup to nuts” on the day-in and day-out of prison life from the inmate’s perspective in a gritty reality, to include not only what he did to pass time in prison, but how prison took it’s toll on him psychologically as well.
In reading Pyerse’s book, a reader is likely to take away the fact that not everyone is the “typical” violent prisoner, good people can make poor decisions, and if sentenced to prison, it doesn’t have to be the “end” of your life.
Pyerse decided to approach being incarcerated in federal prison in a positive manner, thus he emerged back into society able to function, whereas so many people fail and fall back into the system again and again.

By:  Z. Tindel

An excellent book for anyone heading to (or curious about) federal prison camp and its culture. Mr. Dandridge carefully records all the experiences and emotions of a camp inmate from surrender through post-release supervision. He had a solid plan to make the most of his time. I enjoyed learning about how he adapted to often strange rules and customs without losing sight of his goal to succeed. Highly recommended.  

By Elles916
A very detailed account of one man's experiences in federal prison camp and his brief time afterward in a halfway house. If you're looking for gritty, violent stories of life behind bars you won't find it in this book. Instead, the author turns a specific eye to day-to-day living in a prison camp - lodging, food, education programs or the lack thereof, dealing with prison staff, etc.- and the process of managing his emotions while incarcerated then in a halfway house.

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